Long-form Journalism

The rape kit backlog continues to make headlines. Though police departments are making positive strides, experts still refer to it as a “moving target” as the number of untested kits fluctuates [...]

Custom eBook

Digital evidence is integral to just about every investigation, from how police investigate crimes to how they spot crime trends, but for it to be of value and close cases, departments must first [...]

Product Promotion

With a digital promotion, you only have one shot to capture an audience’s attention. Casio regularly promotes its G-Shock timepieces within Police magazine. Each promotion requires new copy and a [...]

Award-winning Editorial

Ronnie Wendt had gone home the night before, ready to send Law Enforcement Technology to the printer. The following day she found herself rallying the troops to recreate the finished magazine, [...]

Media Kit

Media kits are indispensable marketing tools that serve as the face of a publication with prospective advertisers. Ronnie Wendt has done many media kits in her 20+ years in publishing. This one, [...]

Custom Newsletter

While paper-based newsletters are being replaced with digital ones, the need for newsletters remains strong. This newsletter launched by Ronnie Wendt, as editorial director of the Cygnus Public [...]

Airport Security Article

The statistics from the National Center for Victims of Crime are grim; more than 57 percent of all recorded mass shootings occurred within the past decade. When you look at the fatalities and [...]

Venue Profile

A profile is a feature story that usually focuses on a person and what’s important or interesting about that person, but it can also spotlight a business or venue. It is a great way to tell [...]

Technology Article

General assignment writers tackle what editors term the easy assignments; the ones they can readily off load to just about anyone. Ronnie Wendt is not one of those writers. Though she writes [...]

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