Companies handle product promotions in a variety of ways. Some choose advertorials, others select product-focused pieces. In the case of the excerpts below, Honeywell Aerospace chose to inform aviation readers about a group of product introductions via a series of promotional articles.

In Good Company Communications wrote the series of articles on Honeywell Aerospace’s new offerings. The articles were published on a leading aviation industry web portal,, and pushed out to aviation leadership in a series of email promotions. The resulting pieces educate readers about the offerings, informing them on their features and benefits.

Excerpt 1

 “Technology has changed the way people buy goods and services. Today people can pay for purchases with plastic or a computer chip, buy products from home, and transact virtually anywhere at any time. But, as technology revolutionizes retail, one industry — aviation parts sales — still lags behind.

Until now.

Honeywell has launched the Honeywell GoDirect Trade Marketplace — the industry’s first e-commerce platform that allows aviation operators to sell parts online and deliver them directly to the customer’s door.

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Excerpt 2

As heavy-duty trucks travel interstate highways, onboard Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors collect, send and receive information via cloud-based fleet management systems. Trucking fleets tap into this data stream to predict asset failure and schedule maintenance from the road. With this data in hand, fleets move from predictive to prescriptive maintenance and reduce downtime and improve operational efficiencies as a result.

But did you know that the IIoT, which is already driving value in factories, trucks and even trains, is also available to the airline industry?

Honeywell’s GoDirect Connected Maintenance leverages the power of an aircraft’s IIoT capabilities to monitor mechanical systems’ health and performance. It analyzes data coming from an aircraft’s auxiliary power units, navigation systems, wheels, brakes, environmental control systems, and other connected components to streamline inspections and repairs and provide predictive, prescriptive maintenance alerts to end-users.

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Excerpt 3

The demand for connectivity in the air is growing. Consider the facts. According to an Inmarsat study:

  • 60 percent of passengers believe in-flight Wi-Fi is a necessity not a luxury,
  • 61 percent say quality in-flight Wi-Fi is more important than onboard entertainment,
  • 45 percent would pay for in-flight Wi-Fi rather than use free onboard entertainment, and
  • In-flight internet is described as a “life saver” by 66 percent of parents traveling with children.

Though this study examines commercial aviation needs, the same is true for business aviation, where Wi-Fi access is essential to operations for both pilot and crew, directors of maintenance and the passengers themselves. However, though Wi-Fi access is essential, it also packs a big punch to the aircraft owners’ pocketbooks, with costs running upward of $40,000 a month. For this reason, operators seek ways to offer this capability while controlling their costs.

Enter GoDirect Cabin connectivity from Honeywell, which is designed to meet the varied needs of these customers. Honeywell’s answer to flexible, reliable cabin communications puts information at everyone’s fingertips, on the ground and in the air, while keeping costs at bay.

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