A profile is a feature story that usually focuses on a person and what’s important or interesting about that person, but it can also spotlight a business. It is a great way to share your story in an interesting and compelling way. Plus, as a bonus, many editors are interested in profiles for their magazine and web pages. Below are excerpts from a recent business profile.

Excerpt 1

Minnesota is known for winter temperatures that would make a polar bear shiver, so it’s no surprise that 150 years ago a manufacturer of woolen blankets set up shop in Faribault, Minnesota

Today in a society that moves faster than information travels down the cyber highway, Faribault Woolen Mill slows the pace by continuing to deliver on its rich history of making cozy woolen blankets for customers to curl up with on a cold winter’s day. Comfort goes beyond the blankets, however, as the mill brings growth and strength to the local economy and to American manufacturing. The Lake Country manufacturer represents the only integrated woolen mill in the United States at a time when it’s common for blanket manufacturers to favor synthetic fibers over natural ones and ship manufacturing overseas in a quest for cheaper labor.

It’s safe to say being made in the USA is rooted in the woolen mills’ DNA.

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