Media kits are indispensable marketing tools that serve as the face of a publication with prospective advertisers. Ronnie Wendt has done many media kits in her 20+ years in publishing. This one, done for the Cygnus Public Safety Group is among her favorites. Here, she headed everything from the images to the design to the copy. This media kit presented a few challenges. The company owned four properties serving the industry and for the first time was combining information on these properties into a single media kit. This media kit won a Best Media Kit award in Cygnus Business Media’s design competition. At the time Cygnus had approximately 70 publications. This publication brought in approximately $2 million in advertising every year and was considered the top magazine in the law enforcement industry.

Excerpt 1

Plenty of companies can put words and pictures on paper or online—that’s the easy part. Crafting articles that embody the very heart and culture of the industry with insight and integrity is far harder. The Cygnus Law Enforcement Group meets this challenge head on.

Law Enforcement Technology, Law Enforcement Product News, and Enforcement Expo were designed and built by our audience—police chiefs and sheriffs, department heads, line officers, crime scene investigators, detectives and professional security personnel. Because we work hard to truly understand law enforcement’s challenges, we can develop critical content that professionals can use. We add depth, insight and analysis to this information, then deliver it in a user-friendly package in print, online and at live events. This user-based design assures our offerings attract law enforcement’s attention.

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