In an article about product testing, writer Jerry W. Thomas writes, “I am convinced that product testing is the single most valuable marketing research that most companies ever do.” Product testing articles help companies achieve product superiority over competitors, strengthen their brand and magnify their presence. As a lifetime camper and outdoor enthusiast, Ronnie Wendt is often called upon to test a product then write about it. In this article, she tested the EZY Dog Life Preserver and the EZY Dog Backpack. She is currently testing a hiking pack and poles, and when finished will test a BBQing kit for campers.

Excerpt 1

Though not everyone will experience a situation like this, it’s nice to know that the EZY Dog Life Preserver will keep your dog safe if you ever do. Had Piper not been wearing her life preserver that day, I am confident I would have lost her.

The EZY Dog PDF’s neoprene straps adjust easily to form an ergonomic and secure fit. In my case, this fit ensured the life vest stayed snug, even as the current swept my dog away. It has a high-strength buckle anchor point (a sturdy, nylon D-ring) where you can attach a leash; and a convenient grab handle to help you guide your dog in and out of the water. This feature comes in handy as I lift Piper in and out of the kayak. A contoured neck helps the dog stay comfortable, and its heavy-duty polyester construction holds up well in rugged conditions. Though Piper’s vest is a little muddy after our spill, the material is still in tip-top shape. Best of all, this vest has 50 percent more ultra-buoyant material than others on the market. This material is strategically placed to keep your dog in a natural, easy swimming position always, even when being swept away by a raging current.

Excerpt 2

At $75, the EZY Dog Backpack is a little pricier. Die-hard hikers might say it’s more than is needed for a dog while hiking. But I disagree. I found this pack convenient and I really liked getting a few things off my own back. Piper’s pack carried water, a collapsible dish, bags to clean up any messes, dog treats, a basic first aid kit, and sometimes my cell phone and keys if we were traveling light.

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