While paper-based newsletters are being replaced with digital ones, the need for newsletters remains strong. This newsletter launched by Ronnie Wendt, as editorial director of the Cygnus Public Safety group, targeted grant funding for law enforcement. Each issue provided timely news about federal, foundation and corporate funding opportunities, tips and tools for grant writing, and features about agencies winning the grant funding war.

Excerpt 1

Grantors want proposals that fully explain why he grant is needed and how it will be used. The explanation comes down to two things: goals and objectives. The New York Division of Criminal Justice Services offers the following tips for developing goals and objectives for your grant applications.

Excerpt 2

Unsolicited grants are initiated by the agency seeking funding. They require finding a potential funding agency that has interests common to your need.

One of the most effective ways to arrange for grant funding is to influence the process in the formulation stage of the grant program or appropriation. Much of the grant funding offered by the federal or state government is earmarked by Congress or the state legislature for award to specific agencies for specific purposes. Make your needs known to elected representatives.

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