While advertorials are paid advertisements, to maximize their effectiveness, these editorial pieces must educate and entertain as they promote a product or service. In Good Company Communications wrote this advertorial on View Dynamic Glass for Airport Improvement magazine. The resulting advertorial educates readers about dynamic glass technology and informs them of the benefits it brings airports.

Excerpt 1

A study of why passengers sit where they do, led DFW International Airport to View Dynamic Glass. The analysis, part of a partnership with Cornell University, revealed passengers prefer to sit in uncrowded, naturally lit areas with a view. Installing View helped the fourth largest airport in the nation address these points without compromise. By installing this glass in two east-facing locations in Terminal A, the airport lowered hold room temperatures near the windows by an estimated 20 degrees on sunny days. Surface temperatures on seats and glass also plummeted by 10 to 15 degrees. The change allows more passengers to sit near the windows in seats that were once too hot for comfort, eases congestion in the hold room and satisfies passenger desires to see out.

Excerpt 2

As the sun shines in San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Terminal 1, its windows automatically start to darken. On the flip side, when it is cloudy outside, the glass remains clear. The airport has installed dynamic glass into more than 58,000 square feet of windows overlooking the bay as part of its revamp of Terminal 1, which strives for net zero energy usage and a premium passenger experience. To date, Dynamic Glass has helped the airport save $900,000, driven by a 25 CFM reduction in ventilation.

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