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Copywriting is an Art

It is the practice of writing content designed to increase brand awareness and persuade people to act. It also comes in many forms, but at In Good Company Communications the process is always the same.

  • It starts with getting to know your organization, your services, your audience, your challenges and your goals.
  • It is followed by volumes of research to help find and guide the approach.
  • It ends with crafting words that bring your ideas to life in authentic and memorable ways.

The goal is to make your life easier by writing until you are thrilled with the results. In Good Company Communications meets deadlines, goes the extra mile, and cares about the results of its work.

In Good Company Communications helps you make your messages matter by offering services in the following areas: Marketing Content, Technical Writing and B2B Writing/Editing.

And… Because there’s truth in the saying, “every picture paints a thousand words,” In Good Company Communications also offers photography services to help illustrate your written pieces. Visit www.wildberrylanephotography.com to learn more about how we can meet your needs for quality images. Though Wild Berry Lane Photography specializes in portraits, it also works with corporate clients and magazines to provide images that matter.

Marketing Content

Businesses need unique content, not cookie cutter copies of someone else’s message. Let us help you match your messages to your business and your unique audience through informative whitepapers, brochures, corporate reports, press releases and advertorials.

In Good Company Communications simplifies the writing process by listening to your goals, researching your existing collateral materials as well as your competition’s, identifying your needs and then creating content that fills those gaps.

To that end, we offer the following services:

Whitepapers: Whitepapers help position you as the expert by tackling current topics in your industry. These documents share why these issues are important, how they impact your industry and finally how your company is positioned to help. In Good Company Communications can help identify the topic, conduct the research, handle the interviews and will write till you are satisfied with the results.

Advertorials: These pieces provide information about your product in a way that makes your customers take notice. While these are advertisements in the form of articles, readers will ignore this if they don’t read like sales pitches. In Good Company Communications puts the right mix of content and product promotion into your advertorials to ensure they are read and turn readers into customers.

Brochures: Though the Internet is where it’s at in this digital world, a brochure provides customers with a hard copy listing of your products, services and experience. Let In Good Company Communications craft an elevator speech with pictures, which is essentially what brochures are, and put them in a glossy professional package. In Good Company Communications teams with top graphic designers with decades of experience to craft winning brochures that inform and help turn prospects into customers.

Corporate Reports: You only have one shot for your annual corporate report to shine. A well-written, professional annual report is a competitive differentiator that can help brand a company and list its strategic direction. In Good Company Communications simplifies volumes of corporate data and presents it in a compelling way, weaving facts and figures into a rich and interesting piece designed to grab attention.

Press Releases: Editors receive hundreds of press releases weekly and most are filed away but never used. Ronnie Wendt has been on both sides of the editorial desk and knows how to craft press releases that grab editors’ attention. Call In Good Company Communications today for your PR needs.

Newsletters: Internal or external newsletters are a great way to promote your company happenings.

These are just a sampling of what is available. In Good Company Communications can handle all your writing needs. Need executive bios, speeches or website copy? No problem. Need something not listed here? In Good Company Communications is here for that too.


“I have worked with Ronnie over many years, on countless projects and in a variety of platforms. As an editor, Ronnie is a true leader with an eye for detail. As a writer, she demonstrates an outstanding knack for storytelling. As a photographer, Ronnie is able to capture the essence of a moment and secure it for eternity. Combine the three together and you have something quite special.”

Corinne Zudoyni, Editor-in-Chief
Trade Press Media

Technical Writing

Though your product may be technical, your messaging does not have to be. Transform tech speak to clear messages your customers can understand. Position yourself as the expert with compelling case studies, social media messages, newsletters and blogs.

Blogs: Blogging can help your business compete. Regular blogging positions you as the experts in your field and drives people to your website. A blog can cover your services, your technology, and problems and issues in your industry. But blogs must be updated regularly and written in a way that all who read them can understand. In Good Company Communications transforms tech speak into clear messages designed to educate and inform.

Case Studies: Customers don’t always want to be first to implement a new technology or service. They want to see how others have done it already. Businesses can use case studies to show how their product or service has been successfully implemented by others. In Good Company Communications conducts interviews with your customers about your product installations to provide in-depth case studies that generate interest in your business.

Social Media Messages: Regular social media messaging helps a business build a credible reputation, attract clients, drive traffic to their website and blogs. But when it’s not your sole job, it can be hard to keep up. In Good Company Communications plans and crafts regular social media messaging, so you don’t have to.

Product Descriptions: A good product description lists a product’s benefits and features in a way your customers can understand and uses power words that sell. Hire In Good Company Communications to write powerful product descriptions that translate into sales.

Your product may be technical, but your words do not have to be. Call In Good Company Communications today to help you write words that matter!


“Whenever we have a tough, sensitive or challenging assignment I turn to Ronnie.”

Paul Bowers, Publisher
Airport Improvement Magazine

B2B Writing/Editing Services

Publications need dependable writers with a knack for understanding technical material and the writing chops to make it relatable. In Good Company Communications has delivered award-winning trade articles, top-notch magazine editing services and informative infographics for more than 20 years.

Articles: Long-form journalism is In Good Company Communications’ sweet spot. Ronnie Wendt has written articles for publication for more than two decades in industries that run the gamut from aviation and law enforcement, trucking and logistics, software and cyber security, meetings and events, sustainability, and health care infection control.

Editing Services: In Good Company Communications is available to edit your magazine, newsletter or special publication. These services include everything from planning the issue, assigning and writing articles, putting it all together and proofreading it prior to publication.

Editorial Calendars: An editorial calendar is at the heart of every content marketing strategy. It determines the what, when and where of everything you’re planning to publish. In Good Company Communications has more than 20 years of analyzing an audience’s information needs then preparing content that addresses those needs.

Infographics: Sometimes the most compelling way to present information is through an infographic. In Good Company Communications can distill your information and  present it in an impactful and visual way.

Magazines and Newsletters: In Good Company Communications is available to edit your magazine, newsletter or special publication. These services include everything from planning the issue, assigning and writing articles, putting it all together and proofreading it prior to publication.

Profiles: A profile is a feature story that focuses on a single person or company and what’s important or interesting about them at the moment. These articles explain why a subject is newsworthy, relevant and interesting, and are based on interviews with that subject and their peers. Ronnie Wendt has produced award-winning profiles for more than 20 years. You can trust her to do the same with your persons or companies of interest.

From writing to editing, In Good Company Communications is available to write articles and produce publications that resonate with your audience


“While working on a 90th Anniversary yearbook project to celebrate the past presidents of a national association, we needed a journalist with a knack for investigative research. This project was not an easy job. Many of the companies are no longer in existence, and the individuals are long gone, but the information Ronnie was able to find and craft into a beautiful editorial piece was astonishing.”

Ruth Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief
The Wholesaler

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